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Space Day in Colby, Kansas

Space Day in Colby, Kansas is a winner of a 2020 Cross-Pollination Grant

What is “Space Day in Colby Kansas" and how will it fill important gaps in opportunities and services being provided within STEM?

Sarah Lamm is a graduate student from Kansas State University in geology. Colby, Kansas is her hometown. It's 5,000 people and considered to be a Northwest Kansas hub. It's the largest town for about ~70 miles. The students from Colby usually either leave for college and never come back, or they just never leave. A big issue is that the students growing up in Colby rarely gets inspiring speakers to come to speak at the school. Most science museums are too far away to visit. The school lacks funding, so science classes are very bare when it comes to experiments or activities. About 50% of students are on free and reduced lunch. Colby is rural and it is isolated.

“Space Day in Colby Kansas” will be a public and free space day this upcoming summer in the Colby Public School buildings. There will be activities for all ages and it will hopefully collide with the launch of the Mars 2020 rover.

-a Giant Mars Map (and hopefully a Giant Moon Map) in the gyms, with relevant activities to accompany the maps. 

-different types of rocket launches, including baking soda and vinegar, air pumps, water bottle rockets, etc. 

-activities on identifying rocks. 

-playdoh volcanology activity to teach about volcanic layers. 

-a dry ice geyser activity that relates back to the moons Europa and Enceladus.

-space trivia game with real buzzers

-Space Jeopardy game made out of paper. Less competitive than the buzzer version

-a Full-scale replica of Curiosity/Mars 2020 made out of PVC pipe. 

-short lectures about various space topics; planetary scientists/astronomers video call in to give presentations

-a bean bag toss. It has Mars as the thing you throw the bean bags through. And the bean bags are of Mars Rovers and landers

-pop-ups of the Gas Giant Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune), and people throw hula hoops around them. So it's "ringing" the gas giants. That's because all the gas giants have rings.

How have the members of the community that will be served by "Space Day in Colby Kansas" been involved in building this proposal?

My collaborator on this proposal is Jeanette Bosch. She is a former middle school science teacher and currently a 5th-grade teacher. She attended Honeywell Space Camp for Educators, and worked with the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson Kansas to write educational material on the Conservation of F1 Engines from the Apollo Missions. She is currently a NASA Solar System Ambassador. We will contact even more groups and hope to involve the town library, the history museum in town, Rotary, Kiwanis, the STEM community college professors, the STEM high school/middle school teachers, the older Girl/Boy Scouts, and the older 4-H. 

Sarah Lamm presents to schoolchildren

What progress has already been made?

Since Sarah Lamm has been doing outreach for a while, she already has collected/made things that can be reused. She has access to a Giant Mars Map and Giant Moon Map, various types of rockets, safety goggles, rock boxes, access to buzzers for space trivia, a Full-Scale PVC pipe version of the Curiosity Rover, and the Mars bean bag toss has already been made.

Where can we find more about your community efforts online?

You can find more about "Space Day in Colby, Kansas" on Facebook and Twitter