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Taylor Hutchison

Taylor is an astrophysicist working towards her PhD at Texas A&M University, studying some of the most distant galaxies ever discovered.  She is a Mother of (cat) Dragons, loves tattoos, and enjoys crafting and spending time with friends. Taylor created (& occupies) the role of grad representative to the faculty in her department, working to improve the grad climate and program, and co-founded a mentoring program for incoming astronomy grad students.  She serves on her department's Climate & Diversity Committee and she co-founded her department's Society for the Under-represented in Physics & Astronomy (SUPA), a group which strives to educate the department as well as provide a space for minority groups to come together. She is also a member of the #UniqueTeam, the group which runs the international #UniqueScientists project (, whose goal is to break stereotypes about who scientists are and what they look like.

Instagram:  @gingersnapmadcap

Twitter:  @aibhleog