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Amber Lim

I am an intermetallic solid-state theorist currently in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a focus on structural and materials chemistry. After working as a synthetic solid-state chemist in my undergraduate research with Prof. Jakoah Brgoch at the University of Houston, I began my graduate research under the guidance of Prof. Danny Fredrickson, developing tools to describe and examine alloys that may exhibit unexpected properties. My goal is to strengthen the connection of chemists to the broader, interdisciplinary field of materials science and solid state physics. // My interests include drawing with ink, creating comics, reading comics (especially manga and anime) and playing D&D. As part of my chemical educational outreach, I've created science comics as well. I also enjoy collecting and using stationery with my pen pals, and admiring my pet ball python, Jodi.

You can find Amber on Twitter.

Collaborations & Opportunities

I have some artistic skills and am looking to use my skills to help out with sci-com/outreach initiatives!