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Brittney Hauke

My name is Brittney and my background is in physics (BA) and materials science (MS)! I will be starting my PhD in materials science at Penn State in January 2020. My research passion is studying the structure and properties of glasses. I'm also an artist! My background there is in digital and traditional drawing, as well as watercolors. In undergrad, I also majored in studio art and my emphasis was in ceramics. I'm passionate about SciComm, LGBTQ+ issues, and Women in STEM. I've been involved with planning two undergraduate physics conferences, PhysCon 2016 and PhysCon 2019. Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing video games, hiking, kayaking, traveling, and reading,

You can find Brittney on Twitter, Instagram, Art/Scicomm Twitter, Art/SciComm Instagram, and support her on Kofi.

Collaborations & Opportunities

I'm interested in opportunities to help promote Women in STEM or collaborations involving SciArt or art in general.