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Kris Winter

Kris A Winter is a budding forensic anthropologist with the hiccups. Currently they are an Associate with the Forensic Unit at the ICRC in Switzerland having previously been a researcher for Queensland Health, Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, Queensland University of Technology and the Skeletal Biology and Forensic Anthropology Research Laboratory at QUT. Their most notable project was working towards developing equations to assist with the identification of Australian missing persons from their skeletons. Winter's work has led to a TedX talk and opportunities with the Odyssey Field School in Limassol, Cyprus, Aditu Arkeologia in Navarre, Spain and with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. In their spare time, they run the small shop, Commingled Remains.

You can find Kris on Twitter and Instagram. Kris curated the STEM Squad's Instagram account in June 2018.