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STEM Squad Profile: Celia Ford

I’m Celia, nice to meet you! I’m a neuroscience PhD candidate at UC Berkeley studying how our brains run the algorithms that help us make decisions. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea that we are of many minds: is there a “lizard brain” competing with my “human brain” for control over my behavior!? Currently, I study whether that “lizard brain vs. human brain” dichotomy exists, and how multiple brain areas work together to set goals, plan actions, and learn from experience. I also love teaching, and hope to continue growing as an educator while growing as an independent researcher. // When I’m not in lab and covered in PPE, I can be found hanging upside-down at my pole dancing studio, playing keyboard in a jam band, or convincing other people’s cats to love me. Other interests include visiting every coffee shop in the Bay Area, listening to lots of science-adjacent podcasts, and yelling half-remembered factoids at people afterwards. I am passionate about LGBTQ+ visibility in STEM and making academia accessible for everyone who loves to learn!

Find Celia on her website, Twitter, and Instagram. Celia curated The STEM Squad's Instagram account in November 2018.