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STEM Squad Profile: Gaius J. Augustus

I'm a visual storyteller with a science background. Originally pursuing fine arts and video production, I later returned to university and got my PhD in Cancer Biology. I pride myself on being an interdisciplinary researcher, and perhaps take it too far sometimes, as I'm always jumping into projects that will teach me something completely new. My PhD research focuses on cancer health disparities, focusing on colorectal cancer in African Americans, who have the highest incidence and mortality rates of colorectal cancer in the US.

Outside of lab, I believe in sharing science through visual stories. Animations, comics, and video games are my dream creations, and I have a goal of making children's books and science adventure games! I'm also a queer, trans* non-binary person who loves cute animals, making meaningful connections with amazing people, and making a difference to improve the world.

Find Gaius on his website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube!