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STEM Squad Profile: Jessica Droujko

My name's Jess and I studied mechanical and aeronautical engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada before moving to Zurich, Switzerland to pursue my Master’s in mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich. I had originally focused on gas turbines and similar combustion systems and specialized in thermoacoustic coupling.

I started a YouTube channel to share my engineering journey and practical ways for students to succeed in school. But due to my recent graduation, interest in the energy sector, and passion for the environment, I'm now starting to work as a technical specialist in the river conservation field. I still create videos aimed at helping students through school, but also focus on topics such as technology, conservation, and sustainability.

Oh, and I love whitewater kayaking. 

Find Jess on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter! Jess was a guest curator for The STEM Squad Instagram account in January 2018.