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STEM Squad Profile: Katherine Bassil

Katherine is currently a Neuroscience PhD candidate at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, where she studies epigenetic mechanisms involved in stress-related disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Recently, she has developed a passion and great interest for neuroethics - or the ethical implications of neuroscience research. Ever since she has been attempting to integrate neuroethics into her work where possible. She hopes that one day she’ll be able to bridge the fields of neuroscience and neuroethics and inspire others to see the importance of such an effort. Katherine does not intend to work in the lab forever, she has plans to one day use neuroscience to make new policies that are both effective and useful for society.

When she is not doing research, Katherine enjoys driving her motorbike, reading books, and working on her podcast "Neuroethics Police" and other projects which she hopes to achieve in a lifetime!

Find Katherine on her website, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Check out Katherine's takeover of The STEM Squad's Instagram in May 2019.

Collaborations & Opportunities

Katherine is always actively looking for individuals (specialists and non-specialists) to be featured on her podcast "Neuroethics Police" where she raises awareness on a variety of ethical and societal implications of neuroscience research and practices.

Katherine is also interested in finding workshops or trainings in science policy, especially around the themes of neuroscience, technology and related subjects.

Finally, she is open to all sorts of collaborations with other scientists and non-scientists with similar interests.

Do not hesitate to contact her!