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STEM Squad Profile: Nitasha Syed

Nitasha is a Pakistani founder with a software engineer background.

She started her career on the FIFA14 team and moved to the Bay Area 3 years ago. She started her company, Unboxd, to change the stereotypes of women in the media. She was sick and tired of being labeled as 'nerdy' and 'anti-social' because she was interested in technology. Those stereotypes didn't prevent her from pursuing her passion, but when she realized how many girls shy away from STEM careers due to those stereotypes she knew something had to change. Unboxd goes behind the scenes with women who are changing our world and shows young girls that they have what it takes to succeed in science or technology.

Find Nitasha on Facebook, Instagram, and Unboxd on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Collaborations & Opportunities

Unboxd is looking for collaborators to write Tech & Science content. If you think about all the science or tech media brands that are out there they are 1) Targeted towards men 2) written for folks who are in those fields. If we're going to make Tech and Science more mainstream we need to create content that is digestible for a broader audience. If we're going to close the gender gap we need a science and tech media brand that targets women. There are brilliant scientific & engineering female minds behind everyday products and research and those minds need to be on the forefront of media. As an Unboxd contributor, you will write 2 pieces of content / month in an area of your expertise (~500 words). If you're interested, we get a flood of senior women across all STEM backgrounds asking for interviews, you're welcome to get involved in that pipeline as well and build your professional network via interviews. Finally we have a whole host of video content kicking off, we're looking for people to do product reviews, explain scientific/technical concepts & facts so if you're interested in putting yourself out there, let us know!