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We are a community of STEM professionals dedicated to the advancement and inclusion of those from traditionally marginalized backgrounds. We believe that STEM needs people from all backgrounds to represent the richness and diversity of society as a whole and that the rigor and quality of STEM endeavors will be improved as a result. To make incremental progress, our mission involves increasing representation of marginalized people in the public lens, financially supporting innovative projects for outreach and inclusion, and celebrating those who do this work both online and offline.

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Sign up for the newsletter and make an account to join the forums where discussions and information will be shared. There will be opportunities to join The STEM Squad team, help review grants, and come up with new ways we can support inclusion and community-centered outreach. This community is all about supporting each other, so plug your current projects and support the efforts of others too!

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To help share our products and make them better, you can generate a custom coupon code to give your friends and followers 10% off while you make a 10% commission. Take photos wearing the clothing and leave reviews providing data on fit and style so everyone can make informed purchases!

Support the Make Space Awards for Inclusion in STEM

Purchase products from the "Make Space" Collection to help us raise money for the next round of awards. $100 is given to people who do outstanding work for inclusion in STEM.

Apply for a Cross-Pollination Grant

Applications will open this Fall for $100 grants to fund innovative, collaborative, community-centered projects. Find someone to collaborate with in the forums, or work on an application with your existing team. The number of grants is limited only by the money we raise through the "Pollination" Collection.